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7 Of The Best (And New) ChatGPT Plugins You Need To Try

By June 26th, 2023No Comments7 min read

The world of AI-driven content generation has been revolutionized by the introduction of ChatGPT, an AI language model designed to help users communicate with computers in a natural and seamless manner. As ChatGPT continues to grow in popularity, users are discovering its limitless potential, fueled by the addition of various plugins to expand its capabilities.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore seven new ChatGPT plugins that can help you accelerate and expand your AI-powered content generation tasks. These plugins offer a wide range of applications, from rewriting web content to performing keyword research. However, it is crucial to note that you will need a ChatGPT Plus membership to access and utilize these plugins.

1. Content Rewriter Plugin

The Content Rewriter plugin is designed to help users rewrite existing web content quickly and efficiently. By simply entering a URL into the plugin, you can have the text or content rephrased for you in a matter of seconds. This plugin is particularly useful for those looking to repurpose existing content without plagiarizing or rehashing the same ideas.

To use the Content Rewriter plugin, first enable it within ChatGPT, then paste the desired URL and request it to rewrite the content. The AI model will then load the article and rewrite it in a unique manner.

For example, when given a lengthy blog post discussing passive income ideas for beginners in Canada, the Content Rewriter plugin effectively rephrases the article, providing a summary of the main points. However, the rewritten content may not be as in-depth or extensive as the original article. In such cases, you can always use ChatGPT to expand on the generated summary, improving its depth and quality.

The Content Rewriter plugin is a valuable tool for content creators looking to repurpose existing information while maintaining originality and avoiding plagiarism.

2. Keyword Explorer Plugin

The Keyword Explorer plugin is an invaluable tool for content creators seeking to optimize their work for search engines. This plugin provides popular and related keywords, helping users identify the most relevant terms and phrases to include in their content.

To use the Keyword Explorer plugin, enable it within ChatGPT and input your primary keyword. The AI will then generate a list of related keywords, including estimated search volumes and keyword difficulty metrics.

For example, when given the primary keyword “how to become a YouTuber,” the plugin returns several related terms, such as “how to become a YouTuber as a kid,” “YouTuber salary,” and “how to become famous on YouTube overnight.” Although the search volume and difficulty metrics provided may not be as precise as those obtained from a dedicated keyword research tool, they still offer valuable insights into the popularity and competitiveness of each keyword.

The Keyword Explorer plugin’s main advantage is providing users with a high-level overview of keyword variations and related terms, which can then be further analyzed using a specialized keyword research tool. This two-step approach ensures that content creators can optimize their work for maximum visibility and reach.

3. Review Reader Plugin

For online marketers and affiliate website owners, the Review Reader plugin is a game-changer. This plugin allows users to gather and summarize Amazon product reviews by simply entering a product name or link. With this information, content creators can easily compare products and craft engaging, informative articles for their readers.

To use the Review Reader plugin, enable it within ChatGPT and provide the Amazon product name or URL. The AI will then generate a summary of the most important points from the product reviews, including average ratings and key factors such as comfort, sound quality, durability, and value for money.

For instance, when given a URL for a popular pair of headphones, the Review Reader plugin returns an easy-to-understand summary of the product’s features and customer satisfaction levels. This information can be directly incorporated into comparison articles or affiliate blog posts, making the content creation process more efficient and accurate.

By utilizing the Review Reader plugin, marketers and affiliate website owners can provide their audience with valuable insights and recommendations, ultimately boosting their site’s authority and trustworthiness.

4. Scraper Plugin

The Scraper plugin is a versatile tool that allows users to extract specific information from web pages by simply providing a URL. This plugin can save content creators a significant amount of time by eliminating the need to manually sift through web content to find the desired information.

To use the Scraper plugin, enable it within ChatGPT and paste the URL you wish to extract information from. You can tailor your prompt according to the information you need, such as main points, tone of voice, writing style, target audience, and related topics.

For instance, when given a blog post URL and asked to extract the most important information, including tone of voice, writing style, and target audience, the plugin successfully provides a brief summary of the article’s main points. Additionally, it offers insights into the article’s tone (informative and encouraging), writing style (straightforward and easy to understand), and target audience (individuals interested in passive income ideas).

The Scraper plugin can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on the user’s requirements and the information they seek. This powerful tool offers users an efficient way to gather relevant content from various web sources and incorporate it into their own projects.

5. Webdov Plugin

For users with limited web development experience, the Webdov plugin offers a unique opportunity to build websites directly within ChatGPT. By enabling this plugin, users can preview and test HTML code, including JavaScript and CSS, in real-time.

To use the Webdov plugin, enable it within ChatGPT and input a prompt that describes the website you wish to create. It may be necessary to use simpler prompts for more effective results. For example, when asked to create a simple one-page website, the plugin successfully generates the necessary code for a basic site with a header, placeholder for a video, and a welcome heading.

While the Webdov plugin may not produce complex, multi-section websites in a single attempt, it can be used effectively by working on each website element sequentially. Users can request the addition of new sections or features one at a time, gradually building up their desired website layout.

The Webdov plugin is an innovative tool that allows users with minimal coding experience to create functional and attractive websites with the help of ChatGPT’s AI capabilities. As users become more familiar with the plugin, they may be able to build even more advanced websites to suit their needs.

Additional Notable Plugins

6. QR Generator Plugin

The QR Generator plugin is a simple yet effective tool that allows users to create QR codes within seconds. By enabling this plugin in ChatGPT, users can input the necessary information and quickly generate a QR code for various purposes, such as sharing links, providing contact information, or accessing digital menus.

To use the QR Generator plugin, enable it within ChatGPT and input the information you’d like to include in the QR code. As an example, you can generate a QR code that directs users to your website, inviting them to access your content with ease.

7. Plugin PDO

Finding the perfect ChatGPT plugin for your specific needs can be a daunting task, especially with the ever-growing number of options available. The Plugin PDO serves as a helpful aid in this process, recommending suitable plugins from the store based on user questions.

To use the Plugin PDO, enable it within ChatGPT and ask questions related to your desired plugin functionality. For example, if you inquire about the best plugins for gaining market insights on your niche, the Plugin PDO will provide recommendations such as Market Researcher, Finance Insights, and Niche Explorer.

This plugin saves users time and effort by pointing them in the direction of the most relevant and useful plugins for their specific needs.

8. WordPress Publisher Plugin

The WordPress Publisher plugin is designed to streamline the content publishing process for users who rely on ChatGPT for their blog content. By connecting your WordPress site to ChatGPT through this plugin, you can easily publish your AI-generated content directly to your blog.

To set up the WordPress Publisher plugin, first, enable it within ChatGPT, then follow the provided instructions to connect your WordPress site. Once connected, you can effortlessly transfer your content from ChatGPT to your blog with just a few clicks.

9. YayForms Plugin

The YayForms plugin is a versatile tool that enables users to create AI-powered forms, surveys, quizzes, or questionnaires for various purposes. By utilizing this plugin, users can generate engaging forms to collect valuable data and promote user interaction on their websites.

To use the YayForms plugin, enable it within ChatGPT and input the necessary information for the type of form or survey you want to create. The AI will then generate a unique, interactive form tailored to your specific needs.


The seven new ChatGPT plugins explored in this guide demonstrate the platform’s incredible versatility and potential for users across a wide range of industries. By staying up-to-date with the latest plugins and experimenting with different functionality, users can unlock a myriad of possibilities to streamline their content creation and optimization processes.

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, web developer, or someone looking to improve your online presence, consider trying out these ChatGPT plugins to elevate your work and achieve your goals.

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