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Undetectable AI Vs Word AI Vs Quillbot: A Comprehensive Comparison of AI Rewriters

By May 17th, 2023No Comments3 min read

In recent years, AI rewriters have become increasingly popular as they help in generating human-like content while saving time and effort. In this blog post, we’ll compare three popular AI rewriters: Undetectable AI, Word AI, and Quillbot. Our goal is to determine which of these tools is the best at allowing you to bypass AI detection tools like Let’s dive in!

Test Setup

To compare these AI rewriters, we will:

  1. Generate content using ChatGPT, specifically the GPT-3.5 model.
  2. Assess the AI detection scores using
  3. Test two different blog posts: “The Art of Public Speaking” and “How to become a Firefighter.”

Before we start with the comparison, it’s essential to understand that the results can vary depending on the type of content being tested. Different AI rewriters may perform better or worse on specific content types.

Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is a relatively new AI rewriter that claims to excel in bypassing AI detection tools. It’s easy to use, and users generally report positive results. To use Undetectable AI, simply paste your content into the platform and click the “Humanize” button. The tool will then rewrite the content to reduce AI detection.

Test Results

Test Case Original Content AI Detected Content
The Art of Public Speaking 33% 67%
How to become a Firefighter 89% 11%

Undetectable AI performed well in the second test, generating 89% original content. However, the first test achieved a lower score, with only 33% original content. It’s worth noting that the tool allows for multiple rewrites, which means you can try again to improve the results.

Word AI

Word AI is a well-established AI rewriter that offers an “Avoid AI Detection” tool. By using the “change more” setting, users can generate more unique output that appears human-generated. The process of using Word AI involves pasting your content into the platform and adjusting the settings to rewrite the content to avoid AI detection.

Test Results

Test Case Original Content AI Detected Content
The Art of Public Speaking 44% 56%
How to become a Firefighter 46% 54%

Word AI produced consistent results, generating approximately 45% original content in both tests. If the first rewrite doesn’t provide satisfactory results, users can rewrite the content again to improve the human content score.


Quillbot is another popular AI rewriter with various features. However, due to the limitations of not having a paid plan, we tested only the intro paragraphs of both blog posts. Quillbot offers different models, such as fluency and standard, which we tested to see their performance in bypassing AI detection.

Test Results

Test Case Model Original Content AI Detected Content
The Art of Public Speaking Fluency 1% 99%
The Art of Public Speaking Standard 2% 98%

Quillbot struggled to bypass AI detection, with both models resulting in over 98% AI detected content. It appears that Quillbot might not be the best choice for avoiding AI detection, especially with’s new update.

Comparison and Recommendations

Based on the test results, Undetectable AI is the overall best tool, with Word AI as a close second. However, it’s essential to focus on creating high-quality content that satisfies search queries rather than solely worrying about AI detection.

AI Rewriter Best Test Result Worst Test Result
Undetectable AI 89% original 33% original
Word AI 46% original 44% original
Quillbot 2% original 1% original

Tips for Improving Human Content Score

If you’re using Word AI and want to improve the human content score, consider rewriting the content a second time. This can often enhance the results in terms of human content and AI detection scores.


In conclusion, Undetectable AI and Word AI are both solid choices for AI rewriting, with Undetectable AI being the top choice. However, it’s crucial to remember that creating high-quality content that answers users’ search queries should be the main focus, regardless of the AI copywriter used. Google allows AI-generated content as long as the content quality is high and satisfies the search query. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with AI rewriters in the comments below!

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