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ChatGPT + Word AI = 100% Human Written Content

By May 11th, 2023No Comments4 min read

In today’s digital landscape, original content is more important than ever. With the rise of AI-generated text, it’s crucial to have tools that help you create unique and engaging content that can bypass AI detectors. In this blog post, we’ll explore how WordAI, a powerful article rewriting tool, can help you achieve this goal, and we’ll use ChatGPT to generate the content to be rewritten. We’ll dive deep into the features and capabilities of WordAI and provide examples of how it can improve your content’s originality score.

Generating Content with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI language model that can generate human-like text. It can be used in various applications, such as:

  • Blog post writing
  • Social media content creation
  • Customer support
  • Translation services

For the purpose of this blog post, we used ChatGPT to generate an article on the benefits of cold showers. The generated content, while informative and coherent, is still considered AI-written and therefore, may not pass AI detectors like Originality.AI.

Using WordAI to Rewrite Content

To rewrite the ChatGPT-generated content and potentially bypass AI detectors, we’ll use WordAI. After pasting the ChatGPT content into WordAI, you can access several advanced features like:

  • Sentence Spinning: WordAI can spin sentences to create entirely new sentence structures while maintaining the original meaning.
  • Paragraph Spinning: The tool can rearrange entire paragraphs to create a unique article structure.
  • Multi-Language Support: WordAI supports rewriting in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

We first tested the “Rewrite Article” feature, which rewrites the article while maintaining its original meaning. We then tested the rewritten content on Originality.AI using both previous and newer models.

When tested on the previous model of Originality.AI, the article received a 97% original and 3% AI score, which is quite impressive. However, when tested on the newer model, the score shifted to 20% original and 80% AI. This indicates that the newer model is more challenging to bypass with rewritten content.

Focusing on Avoiding AI Detection

WordAI also offers a feature specifically designed to help avoid AI detection. When using the “Avoid AI Detection” mode, we can adjust the settings between “Change Less” and “Change More” to influence how much the content is altered during rewriting.

For example, if you have an article about the benefits of meditation, you can use different settings to rewrite the content as follows:

  • Change Less: The article will maintain most of its original structure and wording while making minimal changes.
  • Change More: The article will undergo significant changes, including reordering paragraphs and modifying sentence structure while preserving the essence of the content.

When tested on the newer model of Originality.AI with the “Change Less” setting, the rewritten article received a 56% original and 44% AI score. By increasing the setting to “Change More”, the article achieved a higher originality score of 92%, without sacrificing readability or the essence of the content. It’s important to note that multiple rewrites may be necessary to achieve a higher originality score.

Testing with GPT-4 Generated Content

To further test WordAI’s capabilities, we generated another article using GPD-4 (the next version of GPT-3) on the topic of making money in real estate. AI-generated content in this niche might include topics like:

  • Real estate investment strategies
  • Tips for buying and selling properties
  • Market trends analysis
  • Property management advice

When tested on Originality.AI without rewriting, the content received a 0% original and 100% AI score.

Using WordAI’s “Avoid AI Detection” feature with the “Change More” setting, we rewrote the content three times. After the third rewrite, the originality score increased to an impressive 99%. Although the word count of the rewritten article was lower than the original (398 words compared to 522 words), the quality and essence of the content remained intact.

WordAI Pricing and Subscription Plans

WordAI offers two subscription plans:

Plan Monthly Price Yearly Price Word Limit
Startup $17 $9 50,000 words
Professional $57 $27 3 million words

Additionally, WordAI offers a free 3-day trial for you to test its features and see if it meets your needs.


WordAI is a powerful tool to improve the originality of AI-generated content, even when facing advanced AI detectors like the newer model of Originality.AI. By using WordAI’s features, especially the “Avoid AI Detection” mode and rewriting content multiple times, you can significantly increase the originality score of your articles without losing their overall quality.

We encourage you to try the WordAI free trial for yourself and see how it can enhance your content creation process. In the competitive world of online content, having unique and engaging articles is essential for better online presence and improved SEO. So, don’t hesitate to explore and harness the power of WordAI to create 100% original content.

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